Senior Showcase returns in full effect

The first senior showcase in five years was held on Friday. It featured some rousing acts, from music to "grape catching." A video is coming soon.


Mark Gharby, Section Editor

This past Friday in the Upper School Commons, the class of 2019 hosted the first Senior Showcase in five years.

The Senior Showcase (which went dormant due to participation issues), is a talent show hosted by the seniors for the purpose of bringing the school together through the “hidden” (or not so hidden) talents of the student body.

This year’s showcase was filled with performances by seniors, and unexpectedly, with many juniors as well. The showcase historically is made up of only seniors, but for the purposes of designing a successful show, underclassmen were encouraged to join.

The evening was emceed by senior Sebastian Priestley, who provided some lighthearted, dry comedy as he announced each act. The show included musical performances featuring brass instruments, keyboards, guitars, and just good old singing. Other talents included storytelling, headstands, and catching tossed grapes in the mouths of contestants.

The showcase is a fun evening to celebrate the senior class before they graduate. It’s an intimate night for the school to gather around in the commons with our SSES family.  It’s a time absent of any judgment or embarrassment, a time where students feel safe being themselves and showcasing their talents.

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