This Wednesday night, Lakewood Ranch High is hosting an all-star basketball game featuring local seniors, in order to support the families of local students who recently went through tragedies.

Cade Westberry, Staff Writer

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On Wednesday night at 7:30 pm, Lakewood Ranch High school will host a basketball game featuring some of the best seniors in the area for a fundraiser all-star game. In addition to the game, there will be two contests. There will be a three-point contest before the start of the game featuring the three best shooters from each county, and dunk contest at halftime which will include two of the best athletes in the area.

Ticket prices are $5 and go to a very worthy cause. Jack Kelley is a Lakewood Ranch student who was recently in a horrific car accident that has kept him in the hospital since. In an effort to support his family, all of the proceeds from the tickets sold will go to his medical bills. Coach Schiller, who is the head coach at Lakewood Ranch, is hoping to make $2,500.

In addition, t-shirts will be sold at the game in order to support the family of Drevian Mays. Drevian was a senior at Braden River High School and played basketball. Recently, Drevian passed away and due to the money made from selling shirts will be given to his family to cover the funeral expenses. The t-shirts will be sold for $15 in an effort to raise a total of $500.

Even if you don’t follow basketball, attending this game and helping with this fundraising event is a great way to support your community. Every person matters in making a difference for these families’ lives.