Time Capsule Opening photo gallery

For the 50th anniversary of Saint Stephen’s, we opened a time capsule put in place in 1995.

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  • Student body president, Janie Chatham, and Freddy Falcon help open the time capsule!

  • Dr. Pullen shows off the amazing and vintage t-shirt from the time capsule.

  • Dr. Pullen Shows off an old newspaper article written about the school from the time capsule. So cool!

  • Mr. Forrester, Mr. Erby, and Dr. Pullen open the time capsule and commemorate Saint Stephen’s.

  • Dr. Pullen speaks about how far Saint Stephen’s has come since the original opening in 1970.

  • The Falcon cheerleaders give us a talented performance for the pep rally! GO FALCONS!

  • The Freshman made a colorful float featuring the Scooby-Doo mystery machine! Amazing job Freshman!

  • The Sophomore and Junior floats incorporate Saint Stephen’s and do a great job of showcasing school spirit. Terrific job!

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