Survival Guide: How to make most of your time at home

Right now you are probably at home, isolated from all of your friends, sitting on a stock-pile of toilet paper and non-perishable goods due to COVID-19. Chances are, you’re bored out of your mind. Here are some things you can do to make the most of your time in isolation.


Sanna Lexhed

As you read over the newspaper about the coronavirus you make a to do list of everything you want to get done over the break.

You’re sitting in your last class of the day and just before the bell rings, you hear an announcement over the loudspeaker: “hello Saint Stephen’s students and faculty, school will be closed for the next two weeks due to the Coronavirus,” (or COVID-19 as the cool kids say). 

You look around and see the excitement among your classmates and decide to feel the same. After all— what could be so bad about getting to stay home, sleeping in, and being in the comforts of your own house 24/7? Life in quarantine may seem like the ideal existence, but in reality, it will probably end up driving you crazy.

Who knows— it’s been three days and you may already be going nuts. I know I am. I thought getting time away from school would be great because, well, you’re getting time away from school. I, like everyone else, thought this meant time for going to the beach and hanging out with friends. 

But, I soon found out how wrong I was.

Being at home all the time can be dreadfully boring. In the beginning, there’s a blissful period when it seems as though there isn’t a worry in the world, but after a while, you realize that you’ve completely run out of things to do.

So, in order to help smooth your transition, here’s a list of productive (and fun) things that you can do to while you wait out this quarantine period.

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     1. The first may seem a little bit cheesy, but spend time with your family. I know that being stuck with and having to see your family members all of the time can be maddening.

Instead of further isolating yourself from people by separating yourself from your family and lone-wolfing it, try to enjoy the time you have together.  

Play games, have family movie nights, and just try to stay civil and not get into arguments. Try to treasure the time you spend with them because high school isn’t forever and will be over before we know it.

     2. Try something new: My next tip on how to stay busy and distracted from the outside world that’s crumbling down around us is to start something new that you’ve always wanted to do. 

Always had a book that you’ve wanted to read? An instrument you wanted to play? Or what about that cool art project just lingering in the back of your mind? Maybe it’s a Netflix series you’ve always wanted to binge? Well, my friend, now is the perfect time for all of those. 

You have all the time in the world, so make use of it. Find a new passion, hobby, or skill. Read that book, make that art project, and watch that Netflix series! The forced social distancing is making the world your oyster. 

     3. Exercise and find a routine: When we’re not on a regular daily schedule it can be difficult to stay motivated and active, so this may be the perfect time to create a new routine for yourself. Perhaps you haven’t been able to work out recently because of school always getting in the way… Well, now is the perfect time to focus on yourself. 

Don’t be discouraged by the fact that all of the gyms have shut down, (did I mention that the world is actually falling apart). You can do at-home workouts while staying fit and corona-free. Here is one you could try: 20 MIN FULL BODY WORKOUT.

Pamela Reif

     4. Catch up on things you’ve fallen behind in: Another tip for you, my fellow classmates, parents, or whoever is reading this, is to take some time over this break to catch up on some classwork. I know I know this sounds boring, but it could really help you in the long run. 

Let’s say you have an AP exam coming up later this year (by the way, if you do, good luck to all of you: we’re in this together you can do it), and you realize that you don’t have a very strong understanding on some of the causes and consequences of World War II. Well, now is the time to catch up on that and reinforce some of those topics. 

     5. Do something creative: When we’re kids we’re always looking for some new art project. But have you tried painting in your high school years? Writing poems or short stories? Creating a video? Drawing something freehand? Keep your mind at work during these times with something other than the internet and news networks. You may just rediscover a creative and youthful side you didn’t know you still had. 

Another productive activity that takes some creativity is cooking. When dinner time comes around, participate and ask a question of whoever is the cook is in your house. You never know— you may just need to cook for yourself someday. 

Being quarantined isn’t the end of the world. It is what you do with your time that matters. Instead of focusing on the negative things, like the fact that the virus is taking over our entire planet one country at a time, try focusing your energy on positive things. 

Stay healthy, have fun, and try to remain calm. During turbulent times like these, it is crucial to stay close to those you love unless they are sick of course. Show your appreciation to those around you and make sure to express your affection for them.