Why you should donate blood

Donating blood helps people in need, and the people in your community.


Dothan Eagle

The One Blood’s Big Red Bus, which allows blood drives to happen across the country.

Joshua Sket, Staff Writer

Like many others, I have never donated blood before. I always listened to people who donated blood and watched people board the Big Red Buses outside schools and churches. 

The other day, my friend Matthew Talbot was going to donate blood and asked me to tag along. At first, I was hesitant to go with him. I explained that I had never given blood and wasn’t sure what to expect. However, Matthew continued to encourage me, and reluctantly, I tagged along. 

As soon as I stepped onto the bus, I was instantly relieved. The friendly faces of the staff members walked me through the process and made the whole experience enjoyable.

Donating blood is one of the simplest ways to contribute to saving someone’s life.Your blood donation can help treat people with cancer, sickle cell disease, and trauma victims, among other illnesses.

Blood is in limited supply, particularly during crises or emergencies. By giving blood, you contribute to the constant need for blood for individuals who need it most.

“At first, I was a little nervous, but during the process, the workers made it super comfortable and relaxing for me.” Evie Baugher ’24 (Joshua Sket)

Furthermore,you can lower the risk of heart disease and stroke, among other health advantages. Giving blood allows the production of new blood cells in your body and helps to restore your normal supply.

Along with giving blood and helping someone, you will have a free examination, including screening for blood-borne illnesses. Even if you don’t have any symptoms, a free exam can help you identify any health problems.

Giving blood is an excellent way to support the people in your area. It only requires your time and has the power to save someone’s life.

“Every time you donate, you save three lives. Most of the time, after donating, people feel good about themselves. I like to believe that good karma always comes back.” Gabby Salinas, a phlebotomist (people who collect blood donations) for One Blood.