Should athletes be allowed to wear jerseys on gamedays?

Wearing jerseys on game days serves as a way for athletes to show pride in their team, but how can students earn back this privilege?


Sarabeth Wester

Art by Creative Director Sarabeth Wester showing a jersey that could have been worn.

Daniel Schnur, Staff Writer

As the second semester of the 2021-2022 school year came around, Falcons were surprised by a sudden change in Saint Stephen’s dress code.

Historically, on game days, Falcon athletes sported their sports’ uniforms to school, a way to indicate they had a game that day and show their pride for their teams. The dress code policy change in 2021-22, which made Fridays the only day uniform-wearing was allowed, was very notable, particularly at the time. The shift overrode the tradition that had been in place for years.

Naturally, the student body was not particularly happy about the move and for many, the question remains: Should we bring back the policy that allowed teams to sport their uniforms on game days? Or did the move solve the problem of stopping athletes from abusing the rule when it was in place and wearing jerseys whenever they wanted?

Luke Donley, captain of the varsity baseball team, shared that getting rid of game-day jerseys “ruined the spirit” of game days. He claimed that wearing his jersey helped him get in the right mindset to “be ready for the game that day.”

According to Mr. Forrester, the main problem with permitting wearing jerseys on game days revolved around the abuse of the privilege. Many student-athletes were breaking the policy, wearing jerseys on any day they wanted to avoid being in the dress code.

Forrester said that athletes wearing jerseys on inappropriate days led to an environment “with no team identity.” As an alternative, Mr. Forrester offered that if teams agreed to wear jerseys only on their team’s game days, and came up with a practical solution that was agreeable and understood by all, then the previous rules could be reinstated.

In my view, we have to go back. Jerseys served as a major form of advertisement for teams, notifying the whole upper school about a particular game. Also, it allowed for teammates to show pride in their program. As an essential component of team spirit, we as students need to take advantage of this opportunity to get back this privilege.

I urge all spring sports captains to find clear guidelines for game day uniforms, and bring these ideas to administration in an effort to bring this tradition back. Additionally, team captains should step up and consult with Student Council.  Team leaders, in conjunction with our student government reps, would be able to effectively present a plan to bring game day jerseys back to the Saint Stephen’s dress code.