Teacher Superlatives

Last week, The Gauntlet asked the student body to vote in our Teacher Superlative survey.  We compiled results from over 100 Falcons.  Each category was a close contest, but the votes are in!

Most Unique: Mr. Whelan and Dr. Juengling

When it comes to thinking outside the box, Mr. Whelan and Dr. Juengling are definitely the right people to ask. That’s why students voted them most unique. It’s good to be different!

Most Chill: Mr. Hoonhout and Mrs. Gustavus

Need a place to hang or just to take a break? Head over to Mrs. Gustavus or Mr. Hoonhouts rooms as they were voted most chill.

Most Opinionated: Mr. Yanelli and Mrs. Elisha

Need a teacher’s opinion? Look to Mrs. Elisha and Mr. Yanelli ,because they will definitely give you their view on the subject.

Most Followers on Social Media: Mr. Zubi and Dr. Elsner

Need some advice on how to make a cool post on social media? Ask Mr. Zubi or Dr. Elsner. According to the students they have the most followers.

Most Spirited: Mrs. Elisha and Mrs. Cotton

Do you love Saint Stepehn’s? Mr. Cotton and Mrs. Elisha sure do. Most spirited goes to the former varsity cheer and former middle school girls soccer coach.

Most Dependable: Mr. Cotton and Mrs. Conn

Having a bad day and need a teacher you can trust? Look for Mrs. Conn or Mr. Cotton. They were voted the most dependable teachers on campus.

Mom and Dad on Campus: Mr. and Mrs. Cotton

Isn’t love just great? These math teachers just make the cutest couple on campus. They will even treat you like their own. This year’s mom and dad on campus are the Cottons!

Attached-at-the-Hip Females: Mrs. Clough and Dr. Ward

Having a bestie at work is an awesome thing, especially when you work in the same department. The winners of attached-at-the-hip for the women are Dr. Ward and Mr. Clough, our chemistry queens!

Most Loud: Mrs. Elisha and Mr. Forrester

Need someone to get a large groups attention? Ask Mr. Forrester or Mrs. Elisha, they’ll make sure people can hear for miles.

Attached-at-the-Hip Males: Mr. Hoonhout and Mr. Johnson

Nothing ever went wrong while these English teachers played ping pong. These two work buddies spend all their free time in Mr. Johnson’s room in epic showdowns of pong.

Best Storyteller: Mr. Whelan and Mr. Santa Maria

When it comes to history and english, they really know how to relate their lessons to real life. They may even spend a single class telling a story.  The winners of best storytellers are Mr. Santa Maria and Mr. Whelan.


Best Hair: Mrs. Cotton and Mr. Johnson

Mrs. Cotton and Mr. Johnson have the best hair on campus. Wondering what product to use? Go ask one of them.