High school relationships: the Ups and Downs

In this article you will see how High-School relationships are beneficial and what dating is like here at Saint Stephens.


Gavin Conner, Writer

High school relationships are a thing that many teens look forward to. According to Pew Research, about 35% of high school students are in relationships. It’s a common conception at Saint Stephen’s, and in popular culture, that high school relationships are healthy. Many believe that high school relationships can teach them valuable life lessons and give them a head start on having mature and successful relationships in the future.

One trait high schoolers gain from partnerships is the ability to develop positive relationships in one’s life. These positive relationships apply in jobs, school, and in the future. 

It has been proven that taking your eyes off of cell phones and having conversations face to face develop communication skills. According to junior Anthony Moneti, “Having a girlfriend has improved my communication skills with friends and family.”

These relationships can also prepare you for future ones. Learning how to interact with a partner as the relationship matures gives you a perception of how future relationships are when one grows older. 

Junior Matt Vara agreed, noting that “High School relationships prepare you for future relationships by the ability to learn from your mistakes.” Being able to improve yourself in a relationship now will give you an advantage where the social stakes are higher. 

According to Junior Michael Konkol, “Relationships in high school help develop skills such as commitment, honesty, and trust.” Learning these skills now helps an individual know how to act not only in romantic interactions but in other friendships as well. 

Teen relationships benefit you in school, also. Having someone to talk to when at school and home lets you communicate your feelings. For example, on things like not doing well on a test, or even if you’re having anxiety or you’re stressed having that one person who you can vent to or go to for comfort is a huge relief for many.

Dating in a small school can have its ups and downs. After interviewing some of the student body here at SSES, I learned that about half saw having a relationship in a smaller high school can be a disadvantage and half thought it could be an advantage.

Some see it as a pro because you get to spend more time with your partner and being able to hang out with your partner’s friend group is seen as beneficial. 

According to Anthony Monetti “[Small school relationships] are an advantage because I can see her more often. I also can hang out with her and my friend group.” 

However, according to Matt Vara, it is a disadvantage because “things get around faster.” As we know schools are full of rumors and they get around fast. If your partner hears a rumor with no context from you it is natural to jump to assumptions that might not be true. 

Of course, there are disadvantages to having a relationship in high school, but in my view, the pros outweigh the cons. Improving communication skills, having someone to rely on, and learning for future relationships are skills that just can’t be overlooked.