Everything you need to know for Field Day

With Field Day fast approaching, here are our answers to any questions about Field Day.


Jackson Nealis

On Friday, the football field will be alive with competitive Field Day activities.

Jackson Nealis, Associate Editor

With Field Day fast approaching, we at the Gauntlet wanted to take this time to give you all the information you need about this upcoming event.

Field Day will be held this Friday, March 25th from 10:30-12:15. It’s a day where the grades compete against each other, without the pressure of spirit points, for the bragging rights of coming out on top in a series of athletic and intellectual events.

On Friday, after attending brief classes to wrap up before Spring Break, students will be released to the football field at 10:30. Right after they get there, the most anticipated event will start: powderpuff. Powderpuff is women’s football, and boys can cheer or coach their grade’s teams.

After Powderpuff, the grades will then compete in a 4×100 relay, tug of war, dodgeball and kickball in that order. For all events, Sophomores vs Juniors and Freshmen vs Seniors will compete first, then the winners of those games will compete against each other and the losers against each other.

For those not who are not athletically prone, students can choose to compete in the Chess tournament or the trivia match. These events will carry on throughout the day and they’re definitely ones to watch. For a change of pace from the competition, students can also participate in Arts and Crafts led by Ms. Wood.

While some might see field day as a day to skip, students shouldn’t miss this fun- filled day. Anyone who wants to participate in any Field Day event should talk to their class presidents.

The end of Field Day at 12:15 marks the start of Spring Break, so come out, compete, and start your vacation strong. We’ll see you out there.