Got study out? Here’s how to earn the much-desired privilege

Nicky Mattheys, Staff writer

Study out is the freedom that all Saint Stephen’s students desire: The ability to study “anywhere” on campus during study hall.

Every school year, at the beginning of the second semester, Saint Stephen’s offers deserving juniors the much-wanted “senior” privilege to have study out.

Study out gives students the opportunity for some independent work time or the chance to work with other classmates who aren’t in their study hall, but there are tough requirements that students must abide by in order to earn it.

The first question that you may be asking is, “What are the requirements to receive study out as a junior?” During first semester, juniors must achieve a GPA above a 3.5 and no grade below a B.

For those juniors who almost achieved directors list and are looking for a little mercy, there are no exceptions. Although, during the second semester students can try achieve the grades to become eligible for study out for their next year.

All seniors have the ability to get study out, but they, too, need the required GPA of 3.5 and minimum grade of a B.

Seniors have the option for study out first semester unlike the juniors. For new incoming seniors joining Saint Stephen’s, during their first interim they must achieve a GPA of 3.5 or above and get no grade below a B.

Study out grants students the opportunity to study at any location in the high school, including the lunch loggia (though not during lunch) and the Palm Courtyard. Students are also prohibited from going to their car’s or leaving campus at anytime during study out.

Any sort of messiness, disruptiveness, and impoliteness will result in a student being sent back to study hall, as well as any request by any teacher or parent to have a student put back in study hall.

Study out is a privilege for students who achieve impressive academic standing and it is in place to reward them.  Will you make the grade this semester?