Updates to mural in the IS commons

With the new school year on the horizon the intermediate school makes an update to the commons


Anna Conn

This was the mural that was done by Mrs. DeZiel and a group of 6th graders in 2001-2002.

Caylin Kitchner, staff writer

For years, when you pushed open the intermediate school doors, you would have seen a beautiful mural painted by Mrs. DeZiel and a group of twelve 6th graders in 2001- 2002, around the time the IS became the Intermediate School. 

The mural featured a cafe-like setting surrounded by lush greenery with a beautiful ocean scene in the background. Toys like beach balls, books, an easel, and vibrant animals could also be found in the mural. 

Each student had a small section that they worked on in order to create the “student-focused mural.”

For over twenty years, the timeless painting “made us excited to come to school,” sophomore Scout Erby commented. 

But despite its beauty, Mr. Hasbrouck the Intermediate School Director, said that “it was time for a refresher” when it comes to the IS walls.  

The mural that once greeted Falcons and aspiring Falcons is now covered with a new coat of bright white paint. 

The mural had a “student look to it rather than a professional look,” said Mr. Hasbrouck, and the intermediate school decided that its “outdated” appearance needed an upgrade. 

“Instead of a painted mural, a graphic design by Mr. Coogle will be in the middle of the wall, and pictures [of students] will go on either side,” explained Mr. Hasbrouck.

This “modern” look will consist of photos that are “student focused,” bringing a new, modern look to the intermediate school. The shots will consist of Falcons participating in sports, sciences, math activities, Gauntlets, assemblies, and more. 

Further ideas include creating “flexible seating and creating collaboration spaces” in the commons for teachers and students to use during the school day. Although there are no set plans yet,  there are a “lot of ideas” to modernize the intermediate school.

According to Mr. Hasbrouck, “We are just in the beginning stages of the changes, painting over the mural was just the first step.”