Danish sister school collaborates with Falcons on short stories


Lexi Vega

Senior Amelia Sabo poses for a photo as she collaborates with her partner.

Lexi Vega, Social Media Director

On Tuesday in the upper school’s Sunshine Library, students in Mr. Hoonhout’s 1st period creative writing class met with peer partners from our sister school in Denmark as part of a global collaboration between the two schools.  

In Zoom breakout rooms, the international partners met to get to know one another and share feedback on the Falcons’ end-of-interim assignments, literary short stories.  

Before the global collaboration meeting, students from both schools created “personality profiles.” After perusing their peers’ profiles, each student was able to “select” a partner to work with in the collaboration. 

In “breakout rooms” on Tuesday, the Falcons and their Danish partners from the Vordingborg Gymnasium school met face to face to get to know each other on a personal level.  Partners shared ice breaker questions and many even exchanged socials! 

During the second half of the breakout sessions, Mr. Hoonhout’s students were able to hear feedback from the Danish students on short stories they had written, the culminating assignment for seminar class. 

Regarding the global collaboration, Junior Lexi Vega said the experience, “was actually really helpful.  Having a different perspective to tell me what they liked and didn’t like in my story. Having someone my age and from a different country read my story really helped me see aspects of my story I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.”   

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  • Senior Jade Apple smiles as she gets to know her new Danish friend.

  • Senior Amelia Sabo poses for a photo as she collaborates with her partner.

  • Senior Joey Uzabel chats with his Danish partner.

  • Junior Lexi Vega gains helpful feedback for her end-of-interim assignment.

  • Junior Sam Mascera discusses her short story with her international partner.

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