Falcon takes the stage: Alex McLemore

Falcon Spotlight: A deep dive into the secret life of junior Alex McLemore.


Alex Mc

Alex McLemore pictured in a variety of performances throughout his theater career.

Julia Craig, Associate Editor

the Gauntlet community knows Alex McLemore as an excellent writer and leader as an Editor in Chief. However, outside of The Gauntlet and our Saint Stephen’s community, Alex spends a majority of his time performing in local community theaters, which he has been involved in since his eighth grade year. 

Recently, Alex starred as Pippin in Pippin  at the Rise Above Performing Arts Centre in Sarasota, Florida. During this production, Alex spent every day, including weekends, at rehearsals for four weeks. He performed as Pippin in seven out of the eight shows, putting his blood, sweat, and tears into every performance.  

According to Upper School English teacher Mr. David Johnson, “As a classroom teacher, it’s always rewarding to see students excel outside of the classroom doing so much more than can happen sitting at a table. Watching him perform and act and sing in the theater at such a professional level was downright inspiring.” 

Performing in Pippin was so meaningful to Alex because it was the show that got him interested in theater in the first place. When he first started, he aspired to one day be able to sing the songs from Pippin. Alex progressed so far in two years, not only being able to sing the songs, but to “play the part, really puts into perspective how far” Alex has come on his theater journey. 

After one of Alex’s performances, the halls are consistently buzzing with students praising his work. 

After seeing McLemore in his latest performance, Pippin, Senior Elaina Bayard said, “He commits to his roles wholeheartedly, so it never feels like I’m watching Alex on stage; it feels like I’m actually watching his character.” 

Alex truly steps into whatever role he’s playing, and during Pippin, Bayard said he “had to be equal parts serious and silly, vulnerable and comedic. And he did all that like it was no big deal.” 

Not only does Alex leave his mark on our school by writing for The Gauntlet and serving as the president of his class, but also by performing in our community. After high school, he plans to continue performing, and plans to get a BFA in musical theater. There’s no feeling like watching a friend, classmate, or even one of your students succeed doing something they are so passionate about. And here at Saint Stephen’s, our halls are filled with passionate students who have an incredibly wide range of interests. 

If you have a dream that you’re skeptical about chasing, Alex said, “don’t worry about the income. Finding a passion and chasing it takes courage because you can never be sure where it will lead you; however, once you find your passion you must never let it go. After I realized this, my viewpoint of the world changed.” 

The next time you have the opportunity to see Alex McLemore perform, don’t waste a second. Buy a ticket, and go support one of our very own Falcons!