Falcons in Nicaragua: Student documentary brings Nicaragua IQ trip to life

Watch the insightful documentary of the SSES IQ trip and the Nicaraguan way of life.

Max Manning, Co-Editor in Chief

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In May of 2017, a group of Saint Stephen’s students and teachers used their Interim Quest trip to visit Nicaragua through an organization called Outreach 360.  This is the same outreach program that SSES has visited in the Dominican Republic in past years.

Their mission was to educate elementary-aged Nicaraguans or “Nicas” by teaching them the English language. This knowledge gives the locals an advantage in achieving a higher education and eventually having a well paying job.

Being a third world country, the Falcons were forced to adapt to conditions and situations that they would have never dealt with in the United States.

The trip, however, was not a vacation, as the young teachers had to plan lessons and had full days of teaching. But they also had to fight sickness along the way, as the timing of the trip meant that it was flu season in Nicaragua.

Unfortunately, 21 of 29 Saint Stephens’ students caught the brutal virus. The volunteers still had a great time visiting local sights, walking around town, and making new friends and memories that will last a life time.

The documentary was filmed, edited, and produced completely by Parker Lansberg.



Junior, Noah Labelle teaches a group of young Nicas the lesson he planned of them.

Chris Pennewill and Zoey Block sit on a mountain overlooking the town of Jinotega, Nicaragua.

A group of 5th graders enjoying the attention of the camera.

our amazing videographer, Parker Lansberg, getting the shot he needs.

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