Top 5 pic(k)s to win StuCo Door Decoration Competition

Max Manning, Co-Editor in Chief

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This Thursday, The Gauntlet staff took a look at all of the festive doors around the upper school. After a day of deliberation, the staff has come to a conclusion about which doors are the best.

5. Mrs. Conn’s advisory

Coming in 5th, the Gauntlet staff chose Mrs. Conn’s advisory. We thought their tree was creative and that the wrapping paper on the door was a nice touch.

4. Sra. Collins’s advisory


In 4th place, we had Sra. Collin’s advisory. The Gauntlet staff thought that the wreath on the door was creative. Also, we enjoyed the picture of Santa with a sombrero.

3. Mr. Peterson’s advisory

Unlike many doors, Mr. Peterson’s advisory decided to string their lights below the cubbies as opposed to above. This, added with the red chimney paper on the door, gave them the number 3 spot on our list.

2. Ms. Grady’s advisory

Ms. Grady’s advisory did something that few others did, which was put a Florida spin on the Christmas themed competition. Their door shows Mr. Forrester dressed as Santa, spreading some gnar while being chased by sharks. This is why they take the second spot on our list.

1. Mrs. Broaddus’ advisory

Mrs. Broaddus’ advisory went above and beyond in the door decoration competition. The Santa statue, “Merry Christmas” rug, and the lights combine for a winning combination in our book.

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