A guide to Homecoming Week

What to wear and how to win…


Josh Willard, Contributing Writer

The rush is upon us. Homecoming Week is fast approaching and the annual stir surrounding everything from costume ideas to spirit events has once again gripped the student body. So, are you ready for the week ahead?

This year’s theme is Decades, which means that everyday of the week will feature a rainbow of costumes and a flurry of performances, in order from the 1960’s to now. The final product of months of Student Council preparation, this week is destined to be great. Below you will find an overview of how Homecoming Week 2015 will happen:

Monday: The 60’s
The week starts off with an iconic blast from the past. The decade of challenging traditional authority, the Civil Rights Movement, and hippiedom will be in full swing all day on Monday. The day will host a game of musical chairs in the Commons. Just as in past years, the importance of dressing up remains at an all-time high. But what can you dress up as? A poll of students shows possibilities such as the iconic actress Audrey Hepburn, one of the Beatles, a hippy, or one of the characters in the decade’s popular movies, such as The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins.

Tuesday: The 70’s
Disco anyone? The sights and sounds of the 1970’s are due to fill the Upper School halls on Tuesday, for all to see and hear in the Dance Off. Class versus class battles over the best moves from the disco era will make us cheer and, perhaps, let out a laugh. Besides this disco-ball-illuminated stereotype, costumes can originate from any of the iconic movies in the decade: Jaws, Grease, and Willy Wonka are all popular options.

Wednesday: The 80’s

Prepare to be thrilled as students return to the Commons on Wednesday for the Lip Sync Competition. Representatives from each class with fill the Commons to showcase their masterful talents and replicate the finest vocals from Madonna to Michael Jackson. The Little Mermaid and Back to the Future are strong candidates for this day’s costumes, as is the big hair and neon attire that is so symbolic of 80’s fashion.

Thursday: The 90’s
Ready to watch your classmates challenge the athletic skills of some of the teachers? On Thursday, the entire school will head down to the gym to watch the annual Faculty/Student Basketball Game, all the while wearing the attire of the decade that brought the world the internet. The banners will also be hung in the Commons. If that doesn’t make you excited for the 90’s, the costumes will. A strong group of Disney classics, including Aladdin, Mulan, Pocahontas, and Toy Story were all released in this decade. Jurassic Park, Men in Black, and Spongebob also graced the screen in this era.

Friday: The 00’s
We will reconvene in the gym for the last day of Homecoming Week for the annual Pep Rally. There, we will witness the hard work of each class in their floats and cheers. The cheerleaders and Freddy Falcon may also make an appearance. By the end of the ceremony, the results will be tallied and each class will be ranked by spirit points. Although childhood movies abound for this decade, all students will likely be instructed to wear their class shirts for the Pep Rally.

But is all of this even worth the effort? In short, yes, says Samantha Burgess, referencing the end-of-the-year trip to Busch Gardens granted to the winning class. Homecoming Week can “get really intense,” added the senior representative for Student Council, and the key to success is all “about committing and going all in.” This includes dressing up everyday because “you get spirit points and it makes the week more fun.”

Henry and Mattison pose in their awesome costumes last year
Henry and Mattison pose in their awesome costumes last year