My Ten Series: Mrs. Misiewicz’s Top 10 cultural must-haves

Mrs. Misiewicz shares the cultural items she can’t live without.


Jordan Clark, Staff Writer

As part of a “getting to know you” series in theNew York Times, Grace VanderWaal (an american singer-songwriter) was asked to disclose what cultural items make up her ‘top 10 list’ of things she couldn’t live without. In this same vein, we decided to reach out to the faculty for some-short and-sweet Falcon Spotlights to get to know your favorite teachers a little bit more and pick up some cultural knowledge.

If you take any level of Marine Science, or you are a part of the Mrs. M. advisory, then you probably know a lot about Mrs. Misiewicz. However, if you are someone who doesn’t walk down to the Marine Science Center for any reason, you probably don’t know a lot about her. But there’s a lot more to know.  Read on!

1. Reusable Water Bottle.
I drink a lot of water because teachers talk a ton; it’s good for you and it helps protect mother Earth!

2. Sunglasses.
Any of my students can attest to the fact that I always have my sunglasses on top of my head.

3. Coffee.
Because I am not a morning person at all, coffee helps me wake up early, get to school, and get ready to teach at 8am!

4. Beach Sunsets.
They are my getaway when life gets stressful.

5. Music – Jason Mraz/Jack Johnson.
I love beachy pop music that has meaning. We often play a variety of music at our house when we are just home or outside, and this genre is my favorite.

6. Tinybeans.
Tinybeans is an app for parents to upload and safely share photos of their kids. I take a lot of photos, mostly of my kids.

7. Meal Prepping and planning.
So much time goes into making food for the family.

8. Netflix and Disney+
Let’s everyone relax and have some downtime after a long or stressful day.

9. Facebook.
I can’t deny it. Like most others, I am addicted to it.

10. Grocery Pick-up.
I am hooked. I will be picking up groceries for as long as it is available since it’s easier