2014-2015 The Gauntlet Staff

Shreya Patel

Staff Writer

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Kaitlyn Siegel

Features Editor

Kaitlyn Siegel, junior, is currently in her first year on the Gauntlet staff.¬† As Features Editor, she is in charge of long-term stories that focus on school wide topics. Outside of the journalism room she can often be found... 

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Devon Sullivan

News and Sports Editor

Devon Sullivan is a junior at Saint Stephen's and a new addition to the Gauntlet¬†staff. As the News and Sports Editor, she is in charge of all articles relating to the Falcon's triumphs on the field and notable... 

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Indre Zalepuga

Features Editor

Sophomore Indre Zalepuga is entering her second year on The Gauntlet's staff. As Features Editor, she presides over all of the articles for the section and makes sure they are written in a timely manner. Outside of the... 

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