Alexi Tucker Art Show draws artists from all walks

Lauren Biach, Photo Editor

March 11, 2014

It was an evening of photographs, drawings, ceramics, food and awards. The annual Alexi Tucker Art Show took place Monday night, and a number of aspiring... READ MORE »»

Caption: The annual Alexi Tucker Art Show took place Monday night.

Falcons top Lakeside Christian on Senior Night

Lauren Biach, Photo Editor

February 3, 2014

It was a memorable Senior Night for the varsity boys’ basketball team Friday night, as they fought back to beat Lakeside Christian 55-46. Seniors... READ MORE »»

Caption: Senior Omar Sammour knocks down a couple free throws against Lakeside Christian.

The revamped iPad Air brings speed, innovation to the classroom

Lauren Biach, Photo Editor

January 21, 2014

credit to Rene Ritchie If you are sick of carrying around a heavy iPad in your backpack and waiting through a delay for Web sites to load, the iPad Air... READ MORE »»

Caption: The iPad Air is thin, light and powerful.


How I Met Your Mother finale delivers disappointment

Kemery J. Colbert, Video Editor

It’s been a week, and I’m still upset. The series finale of the TV show How I Met Your Mother was anything but legen-wait for it- dary. Or perhaps, it was legendary in... read story

April 9, 2014 • 0 comments

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Seniors tackle the college admissions process

Indre Zalepuga, Features Editor

The melodious DING of an update never sounded so stressful. As the suspense builds, seniors stare down their unread e-mails that holds news of their future. College decisions... read story

April 9, 2014 • 0 comments

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Faculty school students in annual basketball clash

Austin Siegel, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The Saint Stephen’s faculty topped the students in their annual Gym Day matchup in front of a capacity crowd at Hoagland Arena. In a game that featured multiple lead changes... read story

April 10, 2014 • 0 comments

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Breaking News

The Junior Division Latin team made up of thirteen 7th graders and two 8th Graders should hold a parade!

On Saturday morning they made school history. For the first time ever, a Saint Stephen's Latin team has won first place in the Academics Competition. The team of fifteen also placed 3rd in the overall competition and the Novice (Level 1) Certamen team placed 5th place.

The 25 member Senior Division Latin team did not quite shine as brightly as that, but they too broke the school record and placed 3rd in the State Academics Competition and 5th place in the Overall competition leapfrogging 2 places higher in both categories over the previous record of 5th and 7th places respectively. In addition to this, the Intermediate and Advanced Certamen teams both made it to the finals. The Advanced (Level 3+) team of Joe Class, Ethan Leuchter, Ashley Peterson and Gera Versfeld placed 3rd and the Intermediate team (Level 2) of Jack Berry, Emma Jones, MaryAnn Placheril and Alex Siegal won the competion, running away with it in the last 5 questions.

And if that isn't enough, Zach Bessette was elected to Vice President of FJCL. That is the fourth Saint Stephen's student to be elected to office in the last 3 years.

Major congratulations to the kids (listed below) in both the Junior and Senior divisions, to Tony Haakman who has coached that Junior division tirelessly all year. It is quite an accomplishment to win any State competition.

Junior Division Team:

1. Victoria Arias
2. Carter Beckstein
3. Graham Beckstein
4. Astrid Culp
5. Jacob Eyre
6. Caroline Kelly
7. Kathleen Kelly
8. Sidney Knowles
9. Kendal Miller
10. Ashleigh Rodhouse
11. Joey Schiavone
12. Ben Schnur
13. Matthew Thomas
14. Cade Westberry
15. Matthew Willard

Senior Division Team:

1. Cooper Abbott
2. Valerie Arias
3. Alexa Baroncelli
4. Jack Berry
5. Zachary Bessette
6. Tiagpaul Bhamber
7. Anna Boyd
8. Joseph Class
9. Olivia Hilliard
10. Emma Jones
11. Ethan Leuchter
12. Eric Meng
13. Nicholas Pabon
14. Ashley Peterson
15. Elizabeth Placheril
16. MaryAnn Placheril
17. Delia Revard
18. Faith Rodriguez
19. MacKenZie Rumage
20. Savannah Sandstrum
21. Joseph Schneider
22. Alana Shukovsky
23. Alex Siegal
24. Priyanka Singh
25. Gera Versfeld
26. Zhuo Zhao