Comedy rocks


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This poster from the show shows the hilarity that ensues from a wacky family situation (Columbia Pictures)

Andrei Black, Staff Writer

It’s Friday night and you’re home alone. You want to watch something, but you have only two options: Drama or comedy? What do you watch? The choice is all yours.

You get home after a long day, you’re exhausted, drained, and the hardships of life hit you hard. You’re in dire need of a break and finally you have that chance after a grueling week. You are between two genres– comedy and drama– you’re torn.

Let’s be honest, after a long week of your own drama, you don’t need any more. To me and many others, there is clearly only one option: comedy. Let’s break it down. Comedy has so many different sections, from classic and dark humor, all the way to Slapstick comedy. Comedy is anything that makes you laugh; therefore, it can truly be any movie, TV show, or play.

Laughter is the cure to pain, and you need a lot less laughter than you think to make yourself feel better. It’s a necessary emotion that everyone needs to experience and what better way to experience that than from a comedic movie.

Comedies date all the way back to Greek theater.  These shows were highly obscene, but honestly that’s what made them funny. Even thousands of years ago, people realized the necessity of a good laugh.

I can list countless movies that give this feeling of rewarding and well needed laughter. My favorite suggestions,  though, have to be the classic hardy comedy “Step Brothers” and one of my favorite movies of all time, “The Hangover”.

The movie Stepbrothers is simple but executed perfectly. The movie features comedy legends Will Ferrell and John C. Riley who play the middle aged losers Dale and Breenan.


In the movie Dale and Brennan are forced against their will to become roommates when their parents marry. They are rambunctious, creative, and rebellious. At first they can’t stand each other, but in the end they form a remarkable friendship. There are so many memorable scenes and iconic lines that make this movie legendary.  But still, this movie’s greatness can’t be put into words. You just have to watch it

“The Hangover” is my favorite comedy movie of all time. The performances and acting in this movie are absolutely hysterical and the plot is unpredictable, keeping you on the edge of your seat for the entire movie. This turns a good movie into… a great movie. Not only does this movie contain obscene comedy loved by many, but it is also perfectly written, winning the  “Best Motion Picture- Comedy or Musical” of the year in 2009.

The hilarious show “The Hangover” earned a place in my and many critics hearts. (Legendary Pictures)

All in all these two comedy classics are better than anything drama has ever put out, end of story.

Need something to watch on your Friday night? The answer’s clear. Don’t the player hate the game.