The art of dap

Have no fear, the Dean of Dap is here.

Junior Danny Dodaj and Sophomore Andrei Black dap up in the halls.

Sarabeth Wester

Junior Danny Dodaj and Sophomore Andrei Black dap up in the halls.

Andrei Black, Staff Writer

Picture this, you’re walking through the halls in between classes and you see your bro.  He’s vibing down the hall, listening to his AirPods, and your first thought is— “Yooo! What’s good bro!” and you go for the Dap.  But the iconic handshake falls flat.  You completely miss, and everyone stares at you in secondhand embarrassment. You and your bro hang your head and keep walking, acting like nothing happened.

Well, guess what, it happened and if you never want a sick Dap to fall short again, fear no more.  Andrei is here to teach you the ways of the Dap. 

But first, let’s dive into the deep and interesting history behind this popular greeting and cultural gem.

A Dap is defined as a modern handshake, a friendly gesture of greeting, agreement, or solidarity between two people. This audible, dramatic grasping of hands between friends happens literally everywhere we look. In our classes, in our schools, in our hallways. You see it on tv, at major sporting events, and pretty much worldwide. 

So where did it start?  Where was the first Dap.

The Dap first started as a new type of handshake in the 1960’s, as a symbol of black identity, cultural unity, and defiance in America. It was a new way of greeting someone— there was a physical art to the new form of handshake (which we’ll explain below). The Dap varied in form over the years, but over time, it became the beloved handshake it is today. 

The Dap greeting dates back to black soldiers in the Vietnam War, who used it as a way to share strength and unity among the G.I.s stationed there. 

In the late 1990s and early 2000s many public figures started using the Dap to greet each other. These ballers included rappers, NBA stars, and even Hollywood celebrities. The Dap also expanded to the streets, with ordinary people adopting the ritual, as well. Now, it has become the iconic greeting that bros from any culture can use to say what’s up and to show their love and admiration for one another.  

This impact of Dap goes beyond handshakes, now.  Hitting a solid Dap is the equivalent of sinking a three, or landing a bottle flip, or hitting a strike in bowling. It can exhibit one’ status level in their friend groups. A good Dap gives you street cred and bro points

The movement is so big that clips of Daps blow up on the internet, such as in the icloud account House of Highlights

The benefits of the Dap are unparalleled. When you hit a good Dap, the feeling and energy between you and your bro is unmatched. When you connect with your bro and hit the Dap that slaps, echoing off the walls, the room freezes; everyone turns to notice; and you feel as if time stops. 

The power and emotion behind a strong Dap is something words can’t describe. I believe that to truly understand the art of Dapping, you must experience it, It can’t be taught. It just can’t. So, as someone who has mastered the art of Dap, let’s get straight into how to properly Dap up your bro. 

  1. Make a good eye connection, signifying your going in for the Dap.
  2. Then take an outward step with your dominant leg, opening your body towards your bro.
  3. Bring your hand back and up in an outward, slinging motion, using your right shoulder, while creating a cup with your hands. 
  4. Take a small step with your left leg, making up the space and creating a “power circle,” where you will hit your Dap and make a hand connection. 
  5. Once set correctly, bring your arm down in a controlled motion,looking for the palm of your bro’s hand. 
  6. Maintain eye contact, and hit the hand connection with your bro, making sure you keep your hands cupped.
  7. Connect with your bro and hit that crispy Dap. 
  8. Rate the Dap based on the sound made: the louder the sound, the bett

It’s about time the Dap is fully appreciated and gets the credit it deserves. Its importance is remarkable, yet often overlooked.  But trust me on this: take the next opportunity to Dap up your bro. You won’t regret it.