Shot of the juniors practicing their dance off, a well-oiled machine, outside the Sunshine Library.
Shot of the juniors practicing their dance off, a well-oiled machine, outside the Sunshine Library.
Andrei Black

HOCO Opinion: Open letter to the junior class

The class of 2025 can pull together this year

Calling all Juniors! It’s time we win the HOCO spirit competition.

For the last decade, the Saint Stephen’s Homecoming Spirit Competition has been owned by the seniors. Time and time again, the seniors place first and win the overall Homecoming Spirit Competition by what seems like a mile. The competition involves a series of events such as dance-off, relay race, float/skit, banner, costume counting, etc., and the week is a whirlwind but the school lives for it. 

In past history, according to former Student Council advisor Mr. Moore, only two classes have ever been able to beat the seniors. The class of 2000 did it, and according to Moore, another class did so about a decade ago.  In fact, the class of 2000 unknowingly may have set a record never to be broken—winning the spirit competition three years in a row as sophomores, juniors, and seniors. 

Over the years, because of the senior class domination, some argue that the spirit competition is rigged in favor of the seniors. But according to Student Council President Theo Frano, this is not the case. He  said the seniors are the oldest and often work the hardest, which contributes to their success. 

“It is impossible to rig,” Frano said. “The judging is created to be fair— every judge has no association or tie to grade or group or person. So judging is always unbiased. It’s going to come down to whoever put in most work and dedicated preparation.”

However, many still feel that seniors are still clearly favored and have the upper hand going into each and every event because of their importance in being the leaders of the school and because, likely, judges want them to win.

While the oldest Falcons have been beaten before, the Homecoming Spirit Competition truly seems like it’s meant to be won by the seniors regardless of how they did or how the other grades did. 

This is the year of the juniors, though. This year, the juniors are finally going to give the seniors a run for their money.

Having another class get the dub would actually be a positive and give hope to the underclassmen, showing that the seniors are beatable. Homecoming has come to a point where the grades below see really no point in trying as their effort quite frankly won’t matter as it takes away the motivation to put in the work and try to win. While this goes unnoticed it is a big reason Homecoming has lost its flair.  

Another reason the junior class is the one to follow in the class of 2000’s footsteps is because of their work ethic. I speak for the juniors when I say ever since we were freshmen we have been waiting for our time to shine, our time to beat the what seems like unbeatable seniors. Each and every year we show signs of improvement and give the grades above us a run for their money. As freshmen we beat the sophomores, as sophomores we came right behind the juniors, and this year as juniors we are coming for the seniors.

And this motivation spans the class of 2025. Junior Class President Hao Li said: 

“We are motivated to break the cycle and provide the classes below us with hope. We are putting in the extra hours. Everyday I see dance off, float building, and banner design meet at lunch. I never have to ask them to work, they truly want to win and that’s what sets us apart. If not focused on school or their sport the class of 2025s sole goal is to beat the seniors.”

As a fellow junior, I’m tired of having the cloud of seniors feeling they are superior on principle (it’s been this way since I arrived as a freshman). I’m tired of being almost as good, tired of being in their shadow. Everyone knows the seniors are top dawgs on campus, but It’s time for a change, a new champion, a new top dawg. 

We can do it juniors. 

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