Photo Gallery: SSES sees changes on campus due to COVID-19

With school back in session, students are adjusting to daily life during a pandemic. Here are some of the sights that make this year just a little bit different.

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  • To help social distancing in the restrooms, only one student is allowed in at a time, and other students must wait outside on the big green dots.

  • Bathroom doors have been adorned with reminders for students to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds.

  • Sophomore Luke Donley wears his mask and social distances while waiting to enter the restroom.

  • Arrows on the railing help to remind students which way to walk through the halls.

  • Hand sanitizing stations are a frequent sight around campus.

  • Dots in the halls help students to distance themselves while walking from class to class.

  • While many students are back on campus, some students are joining us via Zoom.

  • The Senior lounge looks different this year, as it is now used to store chairs used by students during lunch.

  • Signs on computers are used to keep students spread out.

  • Plastic divider shields are used in many classrooms to keep students working together while staying safe.

  • Students must bring their own lunch this year in order to reduce the amount of people visiting campus.

  • Students put their chairs on the blue pieces of tape that are six feet apart to keep themselves socially distanced at lunch.

  • Arrows in the hallways help students move between classes in a safe way.

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