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Think about joining Healthy Teens today

The local, nonprofit organization is one small way to make a big impact
Kavi Riedi
This group of teens are looking for new members to join the initiative; if you’re interested, you too can become a healthy teen.

Healthy Teens is a local, nonprofit organization that’s impacting the well-being of teens on a daily basis. The goal of this program is to provide teens with the knowledge and skills needed to make positive choices about their physical, mental, and emotional health. 

This organization, located at Manatee Technical College, began by trying to tackle teen pregnancy and related issues in Manatee County. Soon, the founders realized that this issue was surrounded by other problems, like drugs and alcohol, peer pressure, and body image.  

Now, the organization has expanded, broadening the spectrum to include 

The Teen Health Educator Program is one branch of the organization that trains high school students to become peer educators and mentors for the troubled youth in our community. 

I recently found interest in this organization to learn and help with the struggles that others are facing, to get volunteer hours, and to get a chance to improve my speaking skills. After we finish the training session for Teen Health educators, we go to local shelters and community events to speak in front of adult and young audiences, to show them how Healthy Teens could benefit the Bradenton area. Additionally, it’s a way for you to be represented and have the opportunity to share your unique voice. 

As part of community engagement, Jonathan Evans, the Executive Director at Healthy Teens, gathers adults, policymakers, and community leaders to speak to teens, prepping them for the task of mentoring at-risk youth. The learning sessions are based on what teens currently struggle with. Evans makes it possible for teens to feel seen and heard. No problem is too small for Healthy Teens to conquer.  

I would really encourage those, especially teens, to jump on this opportunity. It’s a guarantee that it will help them be aware of ongoing issues, get volunteer hours for college, provide helpful speaking skills, and to feel more confident about their wellbeing. 

Sophomore Kian Riedi, recently joined the Healthy Teens program. His goal was to help young adults make healthy decisions and bring awareness to our community about the overuse of drugs and alcohol. He encourages students from Saint Stephen’s and in the Bradenton community to join this organization to make for a more positive future.

“My favorite part about joining this organization is that I will learn the dangers of overuse of drugs and alcohol,” Riedi said. “It would bring awareness to the community and the youth.” 

Junior Brooke Consentino, also joined the program this year with an open mind. By joining Healthy Teens, Brooke was hoping to learn how to engage more with other teens and adults, and to encourage others to make better decisions for their wellbeing. 

 “I was also hoping to get more comfortable with public speaking through this program,” Cosentino said, “since it involves presentations and discussions when speaking to groups.”

Joining the Healthy Teens program, offers a chance for teens to participate in speaking in youth presentations, shelters, and other nonprofit organizations, such as Boys and Girls clubs. It’s a charitable way for the youth to make positive decisions.

With Healthy Teens mission to empower teens to be successful; get involved by signing the application to give your time, energy, and effort to make an awesome future.

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Kavi Riedi
Kavi Riedi, Staff Writer
Kavi Riedi is currently a sophomore student that has never been on the Gauntlet until this year. Some of his hobbies are running track, cross country, hanging out with friends at the beach, and chilling at the ice rink. His favorite color is orange and he currently has no pets. Riedi's favorite romance movie would be The Choice and as of horror it would be The Conjuring 2. The position on the gauntlet as of this new year he is currently a staff writer, but in future years is interested in a photographer.


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