You should raise a fish

Raising a fish can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, but it require planning and care to ensure that your fish is healthy and happy.



A Warrior Asian betta fish posing for a photo

As a new father to a fish named “Figglebottom,” I’m here to share an experience that has really impacted in the recent months.  Raising a fish can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, but it does require some planning and care to ensure that your fish is healthy and happy. 

Owning an aquarium offers a diversion from the stresses of daily living and/or chronic illnesses. Having fish in your own, personal aquatic world can quiet your mind and reduce your anxiety, and building and maintaining your aquarium can be a project that you will truly enjoy, and I cannot recommend it enough.

So, I’m here to urge you: Make the leap.  Head to your local pet store and pick up a shiny new aquatic creature and raise him or her.  For fish care guidance, I have you covered. This easy, five step process is meant to give you all the knowledge you required to be a responsible pet owner. 

Here are the steps to follow when raising a fish:


Choose the right fish:

Research different types of fish and choose one suitable for your home and experience level. Consider factors such as size, lifespan, and care requirements.

Set up the aquarium:

Choose an appropriate-sized aquarium for your fish and ensure a good filter and heater. Add a substrate (like gravel or sand) and decorate the tank with plants and other hiding places.

Cycle the tank:

Before adding your fish to the tank, it’s important to establish a healthy nitrogen cycle. Cycling the tank’s water can be done by adding a small amount of fish food to the tank every day for about a week, allowing bacteria to grow and establishing a balance in the ecosystem.

Introduce your fish:

When the tank is ready, it’s time to add your fish. Slowly acclimate them to the water temperature and chemistry of the tank by floating the bag they came in for about 20 minutes before releasing them.

Feed and care for your fish:

Feed your fish a varied diet of high-quality food, and follow the recommended feeding guidelines for your particular species. Clean the tank regularly by doing partial water changes and cleaning the filter. Monitor the water quality and temperature to ensure your fish is comfortable and healthy.

Figglebottom, “Figgly” swimming in his tank, which flourishes in rich plants and perfectly balanced water

Remember to always regularly clean out and filter any bacteria that has entered in the tank by using a scrubber (a tool commonly found at pet stores) to clean the tank of bacteria. Following these steps can provide your fish with a safe and healthy environment!