Homecoming week: Float activity photo gallery

Homecoming at Saint Stephen’s isn’t just about the dance itself, it’s about the week of exciting activities leading up to it. Here is what each of the high school grades came up with for float day.

Sanna Lexhed, Associate Editor

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  • Saint Stephen’s students and faculty gathered on the football field eagerly waiting for the show to begin.

  • The freshman kicked off the float activity this year by showing off their fantastic Star Wars themed float.

  • The freshman concluded their first ever homecoming float performance with an exciting cheer.

  • The sophomores were up next with their time machine float that helped them travel back in time.

  • The five sophomores continued on their performance by traveling back in time to see their younger falcon selves.

  • After completing their cheer, the sophomores walked off the stage with pride.

  • The juniors were up next with their highly decorated Star Wars themed float.

  • In this skit, junior Asa Watkins, representing the junior class, fights off Aquiles Gonzalez representing the sophomore class.

  • In matching tie dye class shirts, the juniors carry out their kind and uplifting cheer.

  • The juniors take a final bow alongside Freddy Falcon as they complete their performance.

  • Last but not defiantly not least were the seniors with their extravagant Jurassic Park themed float.

  • Senior Eric Fields, representing the freshman class, is being chased by a vicious dinosaur representing the sophomore class.

  • The sophomore dinosaur caught up to Eric Fields and took him down, defeating the freshman class.

  • Jake Conner, representing the junior class, swoops in and tries to save the day by defeating the sophomore dinosaur.

  • In the end, Freddy Falcon, representing the senior class, wins it all by taking down both Jake Conner and the dinosaur.

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