Columbia Model United Nations 2023

This past weekend, eight students from Saint Stephens were given the opportunity to compete at Columbia Model United Nations Conference and Exposition

CMUNCE is the premier crisis conference for high school students in the United States. This year, CIRCA hosted CMUNCE XXII on the Columbia University Morningside Heights campus in New York City from January 12th to 15th, 2023.  

The main scene of CMUNCE is its fast-paced crisis committees, which allow students to react quickly and solve real world problems in international affairs. The conference offers a diverse blend of committees from different historical periods and regions of the world. 

Seniors Riley Schlick-Trask, Vivian Phung, Joshua Sket, Juniors Jake Seubert, Milaan Smith, and Sophomores Anthony Sorento, Laila Yavalar, Bode LaBelle competed and gave it their all during this conference.

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  • The CMUNCE team standing in front of the Low Memorial Library. (Joshua Sket)

  • The team posing for a picture in the United Nations United Nations Trusteeship Council room. (Joshua Sket)

  • The students exploring the streets of Times Square. (Joshua Sket)

  • Students waiting for the Subway to pick them up. (Joshua Sket)

  • A glance inside of the committees during the conference .(Joshua Sket)

  • A picture of the view from the United Nations Headquarters. (Joshua Sket)

  • The United Nations Headquarters from the outside. (Joshua Sket)

  • Students and their advisor posing for a picture in the subway. (Joshua Sket)

  • The CMUNCE team exploring the streets of New York City. (Joshua Sket)

  • The boys posing for a picture on the subway. (Joshua Sket)

  • The girls posing for a picture on the subway. (Laila Yavalar)

  • A picture of an old building nestled between two modern skyscrapers. (Joshua Sket)

  • Bode LaBelle 25′ walking down the tight isles of a New York market. (Joshua Sket)

  • The CMUNCE team waiting for their table at John’s Pizza. (Joshua Sket)

  • Riley Schlick-Trask 23′ and Bode LaBelle 25′ smiling on the subway. (Joshua Sket)

  • A picture of the empty General Assembly room in the United Nations. (Joshua Sket)

  • The view from the hotel room overlooking the buildings. (Joshua Sket)

  • A group pictures of the boys and advisor Mr. Revard posing for a picture in front of he Low Memorial Library. (Joshua Sket)

  • The students walking onto Columbia Campus for the first time. (Joshua Sket)

  • Another picture of the boys taking on New York City at night. (Anthony Sorento)

  • Mr. Revard enjoying his time on campus and giving the camera a big smile. (Joshua Sket)

  • The CMUNCE team posing for a picture after landing in the LaGuardia Airport. (Joshua Sket)

  • Jake Seubert 24′ and Bode LaBelle 25′ enjoying a taste of a New York bagel. (Joshua Sket)

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