2021 Senior Walk photo gallery

The Senior Walk is a yearly tradition at Saint Stephens. On Wednesday, April 21st, the senior class got to participate in a COVID-19 friendly socially distanced walk to continue the tradition.

Sanna Lexhed, Associate Editor

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  • Dr. Pullen and Mr. Forrester leads the senior class out on the falcon football field to greet the cheering crowd.

  • Saint Stephen’s faculty and students from all grade levels gathered to watch, and celebrate, the seniors.

  • The 5th graders prepare for the arrival of the senior class as they hold up their handmade posters.

  • Young falcons hold up their congratulating signs as the seniors walk by.

  • Seniors David Daigle, Connor Davis, Keaton Donnelly, Renee Eisenman, Joel Erby, Brock Gay, Sophia Sanchez, and Diarmuid Harkin walk towards success.

  • Sully Maley, SSES Gauntlet Editor-in-chief, walks along the field among his senior peers.

  • Senior Sohpie Preston struts down the field greeting the cheering crowd along the way.

  • Senior Alex Winterhalter helps Kayleigh Vogt participate in the senior walk as he pushes her in a wheelchair along the field.

  • The senior class makes their way to the end of the field being cheered on by the spirited crowd of SSES students from all grades.

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