Where are they now? Mrs. Sallie Ivin

We checked in with former administrator Mrs. Sallie Ivin. Here's what we found out.

Mrs. Sallie Ivin was a beloved, long-time faculty member and administrator at Saint Stephen’s Episcopal school. After many years here, she retired in 2018 to venture out onto a new journey. 

In her time at Saint Stephen’s, Mrs. Ivin left a lasting impact, and she made the school a better place with her passion for the school and her love of her students. 

She was well respected by her fellow faculty members and students.

Gabby Creneti, a senior who had Mrs. Ivin as Intermediate School Director from 4th through 6th grade said, “Mrs. Ivin was very passionate about her job, and truly cared about her students.” 

Katie Carlson, another senior who had Mrs. Ivin from 4th to 6th grade, remembered Mrs. Ivin and her yearly March madness campaign very fondly. 

Carlson said, “Mrs. Ivin really loved the Tar Heels, and her March Madness activities were always a ton of fun.” 

As part of our, Where are they now? Series, Mrs. Ivin was gracious enough to share a short video about what her life has been like since she left SSES.  We wish her the best going forward!