Have you done the Wordle today?

Join the newest trend and start playing Wordle.


Lauren Schindler

Wordle is the newest social media obsession.

Lauren Schindler, Staff Writer

Wordle is the newest social media obsession with over 300,000 players each day. This trendy puzzle, recently purchased by The New York Times, has a new word of the day that changes every 24 hours.

Every player has the same word, and the premise of the game is to guess the five letter word. Players choose a random word to start off with, and if they guess the a word with a right letter in the right spot, the tile for that word turns green. If they pick the right letter but in the wrong spot, the tile turns yellow. If the letter isn’t in the word at all, then the tile stays gray.

There are six rows, meaning players can enter a total of six words. In your quest to uncover the word of the day, you use your previously guessed words as hints about letters and their placements in the actual word.

The goal is to guess the word in less than six tries. You only get one shot at the Wordle each day, so if you don’t figure the word out, you have to wait until tomorrow when the new puzzle is released.

So why has Wordle become so popular? Well, it might have to do with the timing of the game. Since you can only play once a day, it prevents it from becoming too basic or repetitive. It makes people want to come back to play again each day since they are unable to start a new round immediately.

There are also many proven health benefits that this brain challenging game can bring. According to Ohio State University, “it’s important to challenge yourself to new problem-solving exercises. Puzzles and games, especially those involving novelty, can stimulate and challenge key parts of the brain, including reasoning, language, logic, visual perception, attention and problem-solving.”

The novelty of the game has definitely led to global success. Devoted fans often take to social media, mainly Twitter, to share their results. At the end of the game, players are given a share option where they can copy their results without giving the word away. The game generates your board through different color emoji blocks, as seen below.


Thousands are tweeting out their results daily for others to see. Obviously you can’t see the word when it’s posted on social media, so it creates a sense of curiosity and attracts more people to the site. Not to mention the sense of competitiveness that it brings. Since everyone is trying to figure out the same word, players are competing to see who can solve it in the least amount of tries.

To join the newest trend and stimulate that brain, play Wordle. Check it out on The New York Times website here.