Two Falcons to star in Chaplin

Come join the cast of Chaplin January 20-30th at Manatee performing Art Center.


Charlie Chaplin dressed as his creation, “The Little Tramp.”

Alex Mclemore, Staff Writer

Life can be a lot like the movies.

Need proof? Join Saint Stephen’s students Maddie Cashen and Alex McLemore as they sing and dance their way through the new musical, Chaplin, at The Manatee Performing Art Center, runs from January 20-30th, so get your tickets now.

Through this show you will learn about how the notorious Charlie Chaplin got his start in “the Flickers,” along with seeing how he created his signature character, the Little Tramp.

It may sound like a boring documentary on CBS, but I assure you this show is a nonstop party. You’ll see the cast doing constant charlstons while dancing to “old Hollywood” style music. You’ll be taken from London Music Halls and Vaudeville stages to Hollywood New Year’s Eve parties. The party never truly stops.

And for those who love touching love stories— Chaplin can be your show.

While this may seem outside the box for the fun ,dance-heavy show, I promise all of you romantics out there that Chaplin is for you. Senior Maddie Cashen plays Chaplin’s forbidden love, Oona O’Neill. The controversy surrounds their 36 year age gap, but as Oona profusely states, “time has shown us that there are no years between us.”

So, as you can all see, Chaplin is for everyone. When you come and see this show, I promise you will leave with a fun new song stuck in your head and a smile on your face. Get your tickets fast so the hardworking cast can get a third week.

You can buy your tickets at