Interested in getting into comics?

Getting into comics can feel overwhelming, but if you’re looking to break through, here are the Top 5 DC comic series to get you started.


Justice League #5

Nightwing meets the Justice League, the world’s greatest heroes, for the first time.

Caden Melnick, Staff Writer

Comic books are something everyone knows about, but few read. It can be difficult to get into them, and even more difficult to understand. I have read countless comics and series, accumulating a vast knowledge of DC Comics.

My interest in DC Comics started many years ago, starting with watching a variety of DC animated shows, and having a desire to learn more about the characters. I then found some comics which featured the characters I grew attached to, and the obsession progressed from there.

Therefore, for the reader interested in breaking into comics, I have recommendations for different series that can be appreciated by new and seasoned comic readers alike. These are my Top 5 DC Comic Series recommendations.

5. Young Justice (1998-2003)
Young Justice is a comic run that focuses on a team of young heroes who are maturing in unique ways. It features young heroes including the third Robin, the first Superboy, the second Wonder Girl, Impulse, and many others as they become their own independent heroes separate from their mentors. Each issue is a mix of action, comedy, and friendship making it a fun read for anyone.

Young Justice is one series that was gone too soon. It had some of the best writing of the time and the characterization of each main character in these issues is what defines that character’s personality when they would later appear in other series. I love it because of how relatable it is. It does an amazing job at showing young heroes actually acting like teenage heroes, rather than mini, angsty versions of their older counterparts.

This series is a great read for all readers, but I would personally recommend it to a teenage audience due to the relatability exemplified by the characters.

4. The New Teen Titans (1984-1996)
The New Teen Titans depicts a mashup of teen heroes who are learning to be heroes in their own right. This series has a complex, compelling plot which delves into many of the characters’ individual stories and experiences, showing what makes a hero in the process.

I love this series for many reasons, the biggest of which being how well it ties differing components of the DC universe together. It has many moments that allow for characters to develop outside of their main books. One of the best examples is the third Robin visiting the Teen Titans to learn how to “be” Robin from the only living person who could teach him, the first Robin, Nightwing.

This is a series which combines elements of a variety of different series, and as such, I would recommend it to the people who have a prior knowledge of the characters.

3. Batman: Urban Legends (2021-)
This unique series does not follow any one hero or team, but rather many different stories about the various vigilantes that reside in Gotham. It is an excellent introduction to the DC universe as it provides distinctive stories featuring several different characters, which allows for readers to learn about the uncommon pieces of DC.

This series has done an amazing job at showing the different areas of Gotham and perspectives beyond just Batman’s, showing that there are many valid ways that heroes can go about crime-fighting. It has a variety of characters, tones, and art styles that set it apart from the rest of current comics.

As such, I would say that those with an understanding of Batman and a desire to learn more about the city of Gotham would enjoy this series the most.

2. Flash (1987-2009)
This series follows the third Flash, Wally West, in his adventures following his mentor’s death. His character demonstrates great development as he learns more and more about being a hero, upholding a legacy, and exiting the shadow of his mentor. This series is particularly great for highlighting how it is important to understand your enemies, showing how Wally outright befriended them and the show goes out of its way to show a development in their relationships.

Flash is very special to me as it is not only well written, but also the very first comic run I have read. It is the comic that got me into comics, and that fact means that it is very near and dear to my heart. Being my first comic, it defines the standard that I have had for all those I have read since.

This all considered, I would recommend this series to new and old comic fans alike.

1. Red Hood: The Lost Days (2010)
Red Hood: The Lost Days is a short, six-issue miniseries featuring Jason Todd, the second Robin, in his quest for vengeance. This series focuses on Jason’s training and motivations for wanting Batman to kill the Joker, all while telling a great story of betrayal, rage, madness, and heroism in the process.

I love this series beyond its baseline, though, because it is a story that is emotionally powerful. When I saw how Jason progressed from his days as Robin to becoming Red Hood, I honestly teared up. Jason’s pain after seeing that there was a Robin after him is heartbreaking… I couldn’t recommend this series more!

Comics, as a whole, span a very complex world which can be daunting to get into, but the journey is worth it. My best advice for starting is to just pick up a comic, and read. Know that you will not understand some parts, but if you keep reading, you will find yourself lost in the amazing world of comics.