Locals Own-ly Series: Truman’s Tap & Grill

Looking for a new local restaurant to try? Don’t worry because The Gauntlet’s got you covered.


Sarabeth Wester, Staff Artist

If you ever stumbled down to Lakewood Ranch looking for a bite to eat, Truman’s Tap and Grill (corner of SR 70 and Lakewood Ranch Blvd.) has gone through a recent shift in ownership and the place is better than ever thanks to the hard work and vision of its new owner, Justin Simms.

Truman’s has been open since 2011, and my family has been going there for a long time.  Over the years, the place has gone through several changes in ownership and as a regulars, I feel it’s high time Truman’s got some praise.  To do that, I set up five “Foodie” scales to tell you about the features of this lovable restaurant.

If you go on Apple maps or Google and look at the pricing, they have it set at a $$ of $$$, but does anyone know what that means?

The prices are very reasonable for the dishes that the restaurant serves. The menu also has a wider variety so there’s something for everyone from burgers to salads to fish. With 10 to 15 dollar burgers, a $20 dollar 10 oz Pork Porterhouse, and 10-11 dollar salads, they’re not trying to drain your wallet for good food.


Truman’s is a pretty casual restaurant. But, while it is casual, this isn’t quite sweatpants and a pajamas-type spot. Truman’s is a place where shorts and t-shirts are a common sighting, so don’t worry about having to bust out your suit and tie for this one, boys!


With everything from the Hotter Than Hell burger, which made my friend cry because it was so spicy, to a light Caesar salad, the menu at Truman’s is wide and has something for everyone. Though some items, such as the Hotter Than Hell burger, are not made for the faint of heart. But don’t worry vegans and vegetarians! There’re plenty of items for y’all as well, such as dishes like the Avocado Beet salad, the Bleu Cheese Chips, and the Veggie Pita! Are you gluten free?- all burgers can be ordered on a lettuce bun, so you don’t have to worry about spilling your burger all over your plate!


When you’re in highschool, finding a good spot to go on a lunch or dinner date is a difficult task! I mean where are we gonna go? A bar?

On my Date Worthiness scale, I’d definitely call this a good date spot. With a separate dining area and bar, there’s a good atmosphere and one could call it an adorable date spot for any couple (whether you’re 15 or 95). And don’t forget about Tuesday night Trivia, a fun game where you can win real prizes like gift cards and cash! Or Bingo night on Thursdays, it’s so packed that you can’t even find a parking spot most nights and you can win similar prizes there if you aren’t as much into the trivia crowd!


I believe that Truman’s is one of the most family-friendly restaurants in the area. The restaurant’s friendly staff, warm and inviting atmosphere, and variety of food make this the perfect place for family and friends to eat, hang out, and watch the football game.

So, after looking at this consideration of Truman’s, I hope you at least give it a shot, because after going there for years and growing to know the staff and family, I think it’s totally worth it… and the foods’ a plus! I am not being paid for this review, I just believe that this restaurant deserves the try and that everyone should check it out.