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Falcon Voices: BPM short responses

Below are the short-length responses from Falcons on the Body Positivity Movement and their experiences with body image in general.

“Eh I mean… It’s never really been much of a worry for me, as a boy. I guess I consider what clothes I wear, but that’s about it. What I am is what I am.”


“I hate my body.”


“I don’t have any specifics but I know that myself and most people I know struggle with self confidence and body positivity.”


“I like myself.”


“Well, I personally haven’t experienced a bad body image experience, so I am fortunate to not have had pressure or anxiety caused by body image.”


“I think everyone should love themselves, you can choose to change yourself or not.”


“I think everyone’s body should be appreciated but we shouldn’t condone unhealthy lifestyles.”


“I think that the body positivity movement is amazing and agree that it has to stay.”


“I am fine with my body.”


“I’m borderline concerning skinny and that has caused me to get stretch marks covering my back. But I don’t really mind to be honest.”


“I think the body positivity movement is great. Everyone should accept their bodies and love who they are no matter what.”


“I am positive about my body.”


“My body image affects me in more good ways than bad.”


“I honestly don’t care about any of this. I’m healthy.”


“I feel great about my body because I can make it either thin or fat. It is my decision, and I have no regret.”


“I believe that stuff such as eating disorders and such can hold people back but if people don’t like the way their body looks there is stuff they can do to improve it.”


“Body positivity shouldn’t just be about embracing the body you have but embracing a body that is healthy for you, whatever that looks like. Also if that means making changes thats okay.”


“I think that body positivity is very important and that we should all love our bodies the way they are without worrying about society’s expectations.”


“I always have to stay fit or exercise to keep my body in shape. It’s sometimes hard because when I look at photos I feel I need to stay the same body type.”


“I’m not who I want to be and I don’t like what is seen in the mirror.”


“I think you should like your body but also work on improving your body and not just do nothing unless you’re satisfied with your body.”


“I don’t really have any experiences of my body and I’m pretty confident in it.”


“I think everyone’s body should be appreciated but we shouldn’t condone unhealthy lifestyles.”


“If you’re insecure about your body, make an effort to change it. Although it may genetically be more difficult for some than others to lose weight, difficulties are a part of life. Suck it up and fix your problems.”


“I have a terrible relationship with food and my body due to my parents, my school, societal pressures, and many other reasons I don’t yet realize.”


“I think people should love who they are because it really helps them build kindness towards others as well as themselves but I also think we as humans should strive for reaching a better you.”


“I’d say that body positivity is something that has always been somewhat of an issue for me. After relapsing from bulimia I have constantly experienced struggles with the way I am viewed. From the clothes I wear to the food I eat I always feel conscious of my body image and understand the guilt that comes with the way you look.”


“I’ve been called anorexic my whole life. It used to affect me but I have learned to not listen to the negativity in your life and don’t keep the people in your life that makes you upset for who you are.”


“I don’t think it is a healthy movement; it encourages people who are fat or unhealthy to stay that way.”


“I actually don’t care, people can do whatever they want and look however they want. I think people are allowed to be judged for how they look and for things they can control.”


“I agree with Evanthia. We should not encourage people to stay unhealthy. When it comes to obesity you should at least try to better yourself.”


“I feel like people think that it’s all about weight, but it’s not. It includes all parts of someone’s body. People are insecure about their nose and stuff and the body positivity movement is telling people to love themselves.”


“I think that the body positive movement is overall leaving a better impact on our society than it is being harmful. I think it has helped so many people out there who struggle with the way they view themselves.”


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