Alexi Tucker Art Show review (and winners, too)

Trevor Donnelly, Contributing Writer

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On Monday, March 13th, Saint Stephen’s held the opening ceremony of their 19th annual Alexi Tucker Memorial Art Show in the Russell Building of the upper school. With hours of work during and outside school, Ms. Johnson and Ms. Grady put together the art show in a matter of weeks. Every year, art students enter a variety of work, ranging from ceramic pieces to photographs. Each student puts in three interims of hard work in order to produce the countless pieces that are displayed in the Alexi Tucker Gallery.

The gallery and show were named after a former SSES student Alexi Tucker, an adept art student who attended Saint Stephen’s until 1997, when she sadly passed away in a fatal car accident. Her family contributes to the gallery and also helps the yearly art shows. In her remembrance, this art show serves to remind the Saint Stephen’s community to remember the arts department and all of its strong work. This year the art show was a success yet again. With countless parents, friends and students attending, the art show was filled with crowd favorites and the proud work of an array of students. This year, the following students received awards:

Best of Show 2-D

# 101 Jack Sauerbeck

Best of Show 3 -D

# 443 Alexa Baroncelli

Gordon Langeneger Award 2017

Alana Shukovsky

National Art Honor Society 2017

Baylee Barker

Letherio Jones

Mattison Harllee

Lily Meaker

Charlie Price

Logan Reliford

Kristina Schmidt

Emily Tobias

Tanner Wade

Matthew Willard

Visual Arts Conservatory Distinction Candidates 2017

Alexa Baroncelli

Beatrice Brunschwiler

Trevor Donnelly

Dasha Fomina

Letherio Jones

Jindriska Krejci

Qing Qing Liu

Megan Rourke

Alana Shukovsky

Kristyn Weaver

Julia Woodson

Director’s Awards

2-D works

# 159 YuQing Liu

# 52 Charlie Price

# 79 Jessie Williams

# 130 Nicole Breiter

3-D works

# 243 YuQing Liu

# 447 Alexa Baroncelli

# 465 Lily Meaker

# 433 Kristina Schmidt

Fundamentals – Art 1

HM # 27 Emily Tobias

HM # 36 Salina Yathiraj

Best # 22 Katie Lin

Photography 1

HM – # 90 Cameron LeMay

HM # 95 Rena Parent

Best # 75 Rena Parent

Ceramics 1

HM # 320 Ema Viackova

HM # 296 Ema Viackova

Best # 257 Alexandra Howe

Art 2 and Art 3 Honors

HM # 64 Tanner Wade

HM # 61 Tanner Wade

Best # 55 Jindriska Krejci

Advanced Photography Honors

HM # 115 Jackson Sauerbeck

HM # 119 Dawson Hamilton

Best # 116 Jack Zhang

Advanced Ceramics Honors

HM#413 Matthew Willard

HM # 442 Alexa Baroncelli

Best # 443 Alexa Baroncelli
Ceramics 3 Honors and Advanced Placement 3-D Design Ceramics

HM # 541 Dasha Fomina

HM # 561 Letherio Jones

Best # 550 Dasha Fomina

AP Studio Art 2-D Design

HM # 174 Kristyn Weaver

HM # 154 Kristyn Weaver

Best # 169 Alana Shukovsky

To all those who won this year, congratulations. The show was truly spectacular with only the best from Saint Stephen’s students. With grades 9-12 on display, everything from photography to ceramics can be seen in the Alexi Tucker Gallery. A special thanks to the Tucker family for their continued support of the show, the Langeneger family for their yearly award, and to the jurors. For those who weren’t able to attend the show, stop by the art hallway to see some fantastic art!

Also, come to the Manatee Performing Arts Center Monday, April 10 from 5-7pm for the Visual Arts Conservatory Distinction Candidates Show for some more amazing work!

Ms. Johnson introduces the 2017 Alexi Tucker Art Show

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