Alexi Tucker Memorial Art Show coming soon!

The annual art show allows students to show off their hard work!


Amelia Sabo

Some of the featured artwork at the art show this week.

Amelia Sabo, Staff Writer

 Fine Arts Week is a Saint Stephen’s tradition that celebrates and dedicates time to appreciate different mediums of art made by our most artsy Falcons. 

Fine Arts Week celebrates pieces that range from drawing and painting to ceramics and photography. These ranging disciplines are all displayed during the annual Alexi Tucker Memorial Art Show. This is a longstanding tradition at Saint Stephen’s that invites students, parents, and teachers to observe the hard work that has been produced as part of the student portfolios in classes leading up to the display. 

This year, the art show will take place in the Russell Building of the Upper School, and it will occur from 5:00-6:45 pm on Monday, March 27th. 

At six, awards for Best of Show and Honorable Mentions for the school’s art awards will be announced alongside the roster of the National Art Honor Society Members, a recognition for young artistic leaders.  Also, at that time, the Visual Arts Conservatory Distinction will be presented, an award for artists who implement exceptional artistic craftsmanship. 

This reception serves as a way to appreciate the hard work of students over the course of the year. Snacks and drinks will be provided. 

Ms. Grady, Art Department Chair, shared how her “Favorite part about the art show is watching all the work of the students pay off, and getting to see them share their work with parents and friends. I love how the show gives their creativity an opportunity to shine.” 

Senior Dagny Van-Aken agreed saying, “I’m really excited to show my ceramic and paintings that I’ve worked on throughout the year.”

The entire Art department agrees: the Memorial Art show is the best way to celebrate Falcon artists. So, support your favorite Falcon artists by joining them at the show on Monday or even just by strolling by their pieces hanging in the science wing.