Two positions remain open on Student Council

Don't miss out on your chance to make a difference. Student Council spots are yours for the taking. Read on to learn of the several upcoming opportunities.

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Two positions remain open on Student Council

Mark Gharby, News Editor

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You might think that election season is over and that you’re out of luck. Well, think again. Due to a newly passed and revised student council constitution, the “Parliamentarian” and an “Operations Director” positions have been added as new members on the council.

The Parliamentarian is in charge of the election process and overseeing the Student Council Constitution and council members, among other tasks.

The Operations Director helps with the technology and day-to-day operations aspects of the council.

The selection process for these spots is a little different than what you might be used to. Speeches will be held on Monday, April 29th during lunch. The candidates will present short speeches in Mr. Hoonhout’s room in front of the newExecutive Board. The council will then vote on the candidates.

Another opportunity you might not want to miss is the Class Representatives elections coming up. Forms are due on Monday, April 29th by 3pm to Mr. Hoonhout, and speeches will be held on Wednesday, May 1st, in front of grade level classmates.

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