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Closed-door battles

Doorways Of Problems is an artist representation of how the mind looks of someone when they face these issues, constantly opening and closing doors depending on the person.
Sarabeth Wester, Staff Writer November 17, 2020

Imagine this: you’re a young student, staring at the homework your teacher has assigned you. It seems like only a little bit, but that worksheet that should have taken you 15 minutes has just taken you...

Stop the normalization of Covid-19

Is it okay to start slacking on Coronavirus related precautions seven moths after the onset of the disease? Photo by Caroline Gans and original artwork by Evanthia Stirou.
Caroline Gans, Associate Editor October 30, 2020

It has been over seven months since March 13th, the fateful day that Saint Stephen’s closed its doors for its first ever five-month-long spring break. Ever since that day, Corona has been at the forefront...

Does your vote really count?

The democratic process in the US is a little more complex than you thought.  Art by Sarabeth Wester
Lauren Schindler, Staff Writer October 27, 2020

Does your vote actually count? Well, it does, and it doesn’t. Many people don’t know (or don’t remember) that the president is not technically elected by the popular vote, but rather by the electoral...

How I learned I’m more than a number on a scale

Original art by staff artist, Evanthia Stirou, displaying the dangers of eating disorders.
Ansley Morris, Senior Writer October 20, 2020

There’s no question that society today can be a bit toxic at times, especially with social media. The effect these platforms can have on body image is a major issue, placing pressure on many young adults...

Local police look to keep justice ‘just’ in Bradenton

Artwork by staff writer Evanthia Stirou demonstrates the tension between the police and BLM.
Sanna Lexhed, Associate Editor October 14, 2020

We can all agree that 2020 has been a really rough year. A big part of making 2020 such a traumatic grind has been the continuous struggle for justice and equality in our nation. Injustice and inequality...

How TikTok is changing American politics

TikTok has become a platform where political content thrives. Is that really what needs to be happening, though? Original artwork by Evanthia Stirou.
Caroline Gans, Associate Editor October 2, 2020

TikTok: it’s a video-sharing social media platform akin to Vine (a now-defunct platform that was famous for six-second video clips), and it has taken Gen-Z by storm. However, lately, it has been more...

Is Instagram activism powerful, or powerless?

When it comes to activism, how much is too much? Original artwork by Evanthia Stirou.
Caroline Gans, Staff Writer August 31, 2020

While the national anthem played at a preseason game in San Diego in 2016, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick did the unthinkable: he knelt. Though this may seem like a small action, his protest against...

The untold pain of COVID-19

American health workers donning protective gear.  Photo credit: U.S. Navy
Dylan Zoller, Design Editor May 5, 2020

When the COVID-19 pandemic began to sweep through the United States, many people became concerned with what would come next. First, there was the travel ban with China, then with the world, and then the...

Technology can’t save us from social isolation

Students gather in the Commons for a spirit event during assembly. Losing these moments of interaction during social distancing could serve as a reminder of their value once they return.
Sully Maley, Editor in Chief April 24, 2020

Walking around school every day, looking up and around at my classmates and peers in the halls, I don’t usually see many faces. Instead of looking straight ahead, many students are looking directly down,...

Are your social media apps doing enough to protect you?

Are your social media apps doing enough to protect you?
Ansley Morris, Staff Writer April 21, 2020

On February 13th, Snapchat announced the implementation of a new in-app mental health resource center called Here For You.  The feature was designed for the purpose of supporting the mental health issues...

Senior produces, distributes over 200 face shields in fight against COVID

Mills in his workshop, where during a 24-hour period, he can produce about 30 masks.
Jacob Whorf, Staff Writer April 10, 2020

“At first, the change was exciting because it was novel,” senior Michael Mills said about living in quarantine as the result of the Coronavirus pandemic.  But he added that after a couple of days,...

What it’s like living with ADHD

ADHD can be a debilitating disorder, but does it have to be?
Betsy Neal, Junior Staff Writer March 13, 2020

*The following story was authored by 8th grader Betsy Neal, a member our middle school journalism team* ADHD… You've probably heard of the disorder before, but have you ever wondered what it really...

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