My Ten Series: Mr. Santa Maria’s top 10 cultural must-haves

Mr. Santa Maria shares the cultural items he can’t live without.


Jordan Clark, Staff Writer

As part of a “getting to know you” series in theNew York Times, Grace VanderWaal (an american singer-songwriter) was asked to disclose what cultural items make up her ‘top 10 list’ of things she couldn’t live without. In this same vein, we decided to reach out to the faculty for some-short and-sweet Falcon Spotlights to get to know your favorite teachers a little bit more and pick up some cultural knowledge.

If you haven’t had Mr. Santa Maria as a teacher,  then you probably don’t know much about his love for whales (which he talks about in the first My Strange Addiction). But there’s also a lot more to know.

1. Moby Dick by Herman Melville.
[The novel] is life in all of its unspeakable beauty and ugliness.

2. Pink Floyd.
Although I know every note, I am always surprised by the complexity and developments.

3. Long-distance running.
I am thankful for my ability to keep doing this, as it is a healthy zone that is productive in itself and it’s teaching me lessons I can apply elsewhere.

4. Football.
I only played on the playground without pads, but I love watching the intensity, strategy and excitement of the game.

5. March Madness.
In March 2020, this was one of the first things I missed [due to the pandemic], as it is my favorite annual event.

6. Public access to beaches and water.
As things like this have been in doubt lately, it is important to find water to restore oneself.

7. Public access to travel.
The ability to travel is a luxury in the history of the world, and as such, it must be appreciated for expanding one’s perspective.

8. Charlie Brown and Snoopy.
Cute, but also surprisingly funny and philosophical to adults.

9. M*A*S*H.
I watched two episodes every night when I was in high school and still watch it at times to see “old friends.”

10. Blues music/festivals.
I am looking forward to returning to these restorative events as my arm hurts from my second vaccination.