Lax boys end season on two-game swing

Members of the Saint Stephen's Falcons Varsity boys lacrosse team celebrate after their win over ODA with the infamous "Palma Sola pyro man" in the blue shirt.

Luc Goeders, Opinions Editor

The Saint Stephen’s Varsity Boys lacrosse team played the final two games of their season on Wednesday and Saturday night, resulting in two Falcon wins.

Wednesday night

The Falcons hosted the Sarasota Military Academy on Wednesday night. The Falcons were everything but merciful defending their home field; they crushed the Eagles 11-1.

The Eagles scored their only goal of the night in the first minute of play, while the Falcons struggled to set up their defense. Nevertheless, the Falcons came back and scored twice in the first quarter. By the end of the second quarter they had tripled that score, leading the Eagles 6-1 at halftime.

The Falcons scored again early in the third quarter before a neighborhood dog ran onto the field, interrupting the game for several minutes. However, the staff on hand chased off the dog, and the Falcons rallied to score four more goals, pulling off another impressive victory.

Scoring for the Falcons were senior Nate Carr with two goals, junior Charlie Boothby with two goals and one assist and freshman Luc Goeders with one goal and two assists.  Eighth graders Jude Sedillo, Drew Vigne, Ethan Leuchter combined for six goals and two assists.

Saturday night

The Falcons squared off against cross-town rival Out-of-Door Academy. Head lacrosse coach Darryl Weaver said that this game was a thriller, and it was certainly one for the ages. Weaver described the game as “huge for establishing our lacrosse program.”

The game was tied 4-4 at the end of the third quarter, but the Falcons pulled in a win by scoring 4 unanswered goals in the fourth quarter for a final score of  8-4.

The Falcons didn’t start the game very well, Coach Weaver said. “We weren’t playing Falcon lacrosse to begin with.”

However, Weaver said that the Falcons were able to adjust their game and were able to  pick up more ground balls, which was one of the keys to the Falcons victory.

“We started out nervous, but I think we came around,” he said.

The Falcons were able to strike first with a quick goal on the first possession by senior Nate Carr. This sent the large crowd in Palma Sola park into a frenzy, but the Thunder were able to silence them with a quick strike of their own.

The Falcons tallied another goal late in the first quarter by freshman Luc Goeders, and by the end of the first quarter the score was Falcons, 2-1.

However, Out-of-Door scored the lone goal of the second quarter and sent the game into halftime all tied up.

The crowd was hyped-up as the crosstown rivals battled in third quarter.  It was anyone’s game for the taking, and the action kept the crowd cheering for more.

The Falcons played the Thunder earlier in the year and were beaten 6-4.  This was the first loss of the season for the Falcons, and Weaver said in practice that “it lit a fire under us.”

The Palma Sola pyro man

Heading into the third quarter of Saturday night’s game, it was evident the Falcons had acquired a new fan who watched the game from his own backyard behind the players bench.  Coach Weaver nicknamed him the “Palma Sola pyro man,” because he was not at all afraid to fire up his bar-be-que grill with ample amounts of lighter fluid.  The fire he created and the motivational cheers he delivered definitely got everyone on the sideline pumped up.

The Palma Sola pyro man even introduced a new cheer that the Falcons used going into the third quarter. Before rushing on to the field, the Falcons roared, “Motivated, motivated downright motivated,” and sprinted out to start the third quarter.

“He brought a lot of enthusiasm to our team and really got the crowd going because he was just so full of energy.”

Coach Weaver said, “He made it very clear to everybody that he was a Falcon fan.”

The Falcons and the Thunder went back and forth at each other in the third quarter, but the Falcons put the hammer down in the fourth, wearing out their opponents with fierce checks and going after ground balls with reckless abandon.  There was little doubt they were intent on evening the score for the loss they incurred in Lakewood Ranch earlier this year.

Goeders scored two in the second half, giving him a game-high three goals. Carr ended up with two, and eighth graders Jude Sedillo and Ethan Leuchter sharing one goal apiece. Junior Logan Schultz put the icing on the cake with the eighth and final goal of the night for the Falcons.

“I tell the players every quarter is a brand new game for us. Whether we are up by two or down by six, it’s always a brand new quarter, and we play quarter to quarter, and that’s how we play Falcon lacrosse,” Weaver said.


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