Fathom Software revolutionizes statistics class

Fathom Software revolutionizes statistics class

Austin Siegel, Sports Editor

Math teacher Mrs. Lori Springstead’s statistics class has gotten a major tech boost.

By adding Fathom Software, a data analysis program and educational tool, to her statistics class, Springstead said she hopes to enhance the learning experience of her students.

“Fathom Software is a statistical software that is really easy to use and teach with,” Springstead said, “It’s very good as a teacher aid to demonstrate simulations and to further understand concepts in statistics.”

Fathom Software specializes in data analysis and modeling. On its Web site, Fathom promises to “provide a dynamic, visually compelling environment for students to…explore, analyze and model data.”

However, Fathom Software is expensive, and Saint Stephen’s had to raise the $500 necessary to purchase the software. Math Department Chair Mrs. Barbara O’Neil was instrumental in bringing Fathom software to Saint Stephen’s.

“I went to the Development Office and asked them if they could help us raise some money to help us purchase [the software],” O’Neil said.

“Mrs. Vanderneck, in the Development Office, went out to Gulf Coast Gives (a community organization that helps charity projects raise money from public donations) and they were able to get donations for the $500,” she said.

The new software will make life easier for students as well as teachers, Springstead said.

“[It’s] useful for students because computers are an essential tool in Statistics class. This software will allow them to create projects…describe what they’re doing and then at the end they will be able to e-mail it to me,” Springstead said.

While Springstead has only begun to demo the new software to this year’s statistics class, she hopes to fully integrate the new technology this fall.

“In August, students will hit the ground running in stats class. With Fathom Dynamic Statistical Software, students will begin the year designing and creating their own personal surveys,” Springstead said.

“Answers to questions such as, what is your favorite ice cream, what is your favorite movie, or maybe more relevant questions [such] as how many texts do you send a day or hour, how has technology impacted your learning, do you have an iPhone, iPad, or both, will be at their fingertips,” she said.

Springstead said she is enthusiastic about the potential impact of Fathom in the classroom.

“Computers are an essential tool in today’s world, and I am excited to be able to give the students the opportunity for a better understanding of statistics and mathematical modeling,” Springstead said.



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